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Residential Solar Panel Installation

Our team will discuss your needs and work on a solution that suits both your budget and your requirements. Whether you decide to start with a couple of solar panels, just to see how things go, or commit to a full system, so that you can get off the grid, we have the expertise to help you.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

If you install a full system, your electricity bills will hardly be worth the paper that they are printed on. In fact, you might even start to get some money back.

If you have excess energy, this can be put back into the grid and you stand to receive payment for it. Even if this is not much of an incentive, think how much money you save by being able to generate your own energy. It’s a great investment in your future.

Solar Energy Company

You will look around for quotes – the best will offer competitive pricing, but not necessarily be the cheapest. This is where you need to remember that it is a long-term investment – find the best possible contractor.

Solar Panel Installation in Chino CA

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Why Spend Money On Energy When Sunshine Is Free? Get Started With Your Solar Panel Project Today And Start Saving Up To 99% On Electricity.

Go Solar For A Happier Life

Solar panels are a great way to improve your quality of life. Our customers report that they are incredibly happy with the outcome of using solar panels in their everyday energy use. Not only are you saving a great deal of money on power consumption over the next 10 years, but you are significantly decreasing your personal carbon footprint on this earth, and that is something to be proud of.

California Incentives

California is known for its great rebates and incentives for installing solar panels on your home or business. Its important for you to take a look at whats available so that you can be sure that you are saving the most amount of money possible. 

High Quality Installations

We know that our customers are very serious about their solar panel installation. That’s why we make sure that we hold our technicians and partners up to the highest standard. All installation jobs are completed to our high company standards, and we offer the best money back guarantee out there. 

Free Solar Installation Estimate

Do you want an estimate from our business to see how much its going to cost you to add solar to your home, as well as estimate how much its going to save you over the next 10 years? We can help with that also. First step is to fill out the contact request form on our website and a representative of our company will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Completed Solar Panel Installations

Dollars Saved Per Year On Average

Happy Customers

Reasons To Go Solar

Solar Solutions For Your Property



Upgrade Your Home

Add value to your property while also saving thousands of dollars over the course of a few years. It really pays off.

Get Green Energy

Green energy is the best way to improve your home right now. From an upgraded system, your home will benefit from more consistent room temperatures, longer roof lifespan, and double the lifespan of HVAC equipment. Solar power has endless benefits.

We Work With You!

Need help paying for your solar system? Well we are so confident in our services that we know you will save the amount of money with our systems that could pay them off over their life. We offer assistance to our customers in the form of financing. Not to mention all of the rebates available through the state of California. 


We had Swiss Solar Energy Provider Company put in our solar power equipment just a couple months ago. Now our electric bill has never been as low as it is now. Our electric bill has been reduced by 65% on average for the past couple months and we are very happy with the outcome. The numbers just made sense and we woul definitely use PWR again if we had the choice.
Ken and Jamie in Irvine CA

I got solar panels installed on my property a little over two years ago. The contractor who I used is the one who is now working at PWR Solar Panel Installation. I needed to have some maintenance done on our panels and I had PWR come out to do the work. Not only is their team very professional (I know this first hand) but they are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. My electric bill is tiny, and my solar panels work very well. Overall I’m pleased with everything.
Mary in Irvine CA

Having solar panels on our roof is the greatest thing ever! I was happy to have this company go up and install their solar panels on my home. I am able to check the usage easily and tell how much power I am saving. Not to mention the instant savings on our power bill. Its simple to calculate savings over the next couple years… Go solar now!
Luke and Martha in Irvine CA

My family would like your company to know that your team is very “put together” and knowledgeable about solar panels. From the initial sales consultation all the way to the completed project, I can’t believe how smooth it went. And the instant savings on our electric bill is just the beginning of our happiness. We had a lot of questions about the process but your team answered the questions and was able to get the job done properly. Thank you. Sam in Irvine CA

Solar Panel Installation Contractor Chino CA

When it comes to choosing the right solar panel installation contractor Chino CA, there are a few things to consider. It can be an expensive mistake to just go with the first name you come across to install your solar panels, without knowing a few simple things first.

Solar Panel Installation At Your Home

The team will be at your home, installing solar panels on your roof. You need to know whether or not they are reliable, whether they have the expertise needed and, most importantly, if they keep their promises.

The right team gets down to business and completes the solar panel installation in the agreed-upon timeframe – you should hardly have known they were there. Professional solar panel installation means a much longer lifespan for your panels.

No Money Down Solar Panels

If you are dealing with a good company, they should be able to offer some sort of credit options. At the very least, you should not have to put any money down to begin with.

Best Solar Panel Installation Contractor

You will look around for quotes – the best will offer competitive pricing, but not necessarily be the cheapest. This is where you need to remember that it is a long-term investment – find the best possible contractor.

Look for one that has an established reputation, who knows exactly what they are doing and who won’t steer you wrong.

Save 30-99% on your Electricity Bill

Saving close to 100% on your electricity bill? Sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? You probably want to know what the catch is. To save 99%, you will need a custom system installed, something that can cater for all your normal energy needs. This means spending more.

However, this is something that Uncle Sam wants to encourage people to do. When it comes to non-renewable energy sources, the United States is one of the biggest users in the world. One way of cutting back here is for people to switch to renewable energy sources.

What this means for you is that you get tax credits. Combine these credits and the amount you save on electricity and your panels will have paid for themselves over a couple of years.